hemp oil

Hemp oil

At Good Country Hemp, the process to turn the hemp seed into premium quality hemp seed oil is basically the same simple process that’s been used for hundreds of years. We use a traditional mechanical process to crush the hemp seeds to extract the oil, without using chemicals, resulting in pure hemp oil with absolutely no additives. Pressing hemp oil requires a special technique to produce the unique translucent green colour which characteristically defines our premium product. You can see and taste the difference.

Our extra virgin cold pressed hemp seed oil is produced in our own premises from locally grown hemp seed. We keep the food miles low by growing our crops within 150km of our factory. Good Country Hemp partner direct with local farmers to produce hemp crops grown in our pristine agricultural region. The soil, water, climate and GMO free hemp varieties all combine to produce our premium quality hemp seed oil.

The Mediterranean climate in the South East of South Australia is ideal for growing hemp. We rely on the vast underground water resources unique to this region for irrigation, rather than using water from precious river systems. By ploughing the unused hemp stalks after harvest, we return atmospheric carbon to the soil, benefitting soil biology and boosting soil health. Hemp is a crop which ticks lots of boxes for farmers.

We take great pride in growing hemp and bringing our hemp foods all the way to your kitchen table. What could be better than enjoying tasty superfoods every day for vitality and good health from a locally made product? We think you’ll agree – there’s nothing quite as good.

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